Saturday, July 24, 2010

My New Nature's Collection

Hello Everyone. I have recently been brainstorming about new ideas and what I could possibly make. I finally came up with a great idea and it's a beautiful idea as well. So i ran to get my supplies and I finally finished them. It's my new natures collection. This collection is a great way to show off your style with a bit of elegance but you can still wear these pieces out to a party or a club. Anything that you want to wear it with would definitely look great. Some people have their favorites out of the collection and then some want to get all three. The collection includes three necklaces named Ocean, Snow, and Fire. Each necklace measures 18 inches and each one has a vibrant clear color. They each contain four of the faceted stones used to make them and when finished they give off a beautiful and vibrant look.

You can get all three at my shop on etsy.
Check it out!!